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Welcome to Compass Marketing & Communication. We are a company that operates with great success in the field of Direct Marketing, sales and customer service. We undertake the representation of many companies and organizations in the international market in order to increase their financial results, customized advertising, market research and of course the excellent quality of customer service.

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Our goal is the successful development of our clients. We achieve that by increasing their market share and of course the recognition of their products and services.
We provide the full training package of anthropocentric marketing services. We are dealing with successful B2B and Public Marketing (Events) campaigns.
We offer a pleasant environment, with career opportunities in sales, Human Resource and Management for our most successful executives.
Hard work, commitment to success and high standards are the reasons we stand out from every other company in the market. In a short time, we have expanded throughout CYPRUS.
We have already experienced people who are inspired by our success. Our target is the expansion all over Cyprus and Europe.


Ambition, dedication to our work and high goals are the elements that help us to be pioneers in our field and lead a group of ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things!
By providing continuous expansion of their customer base and knowhow of our high quality services, leads us to reach agreements and collaborations with many global companies and organizations.
Compass Marketing & Communication contributes significantly to the information and the contribution of new supporters on behalf of large internationally recognized charities. We are a fundamental effort for the recognition and continuous support of their work effort.
Through event promotion and B2B campaigns, we motivate hundreds of people every day about specific social problems and inform them about the actions of the organization we represent towards them. We always support the organization’s vi-sion with respect and reliability.

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We offer to our most ambitious business partners the opportunity for a coming up entrepreneurship. With that opportunity, they can start over a start-up company with their own brand within a globally recognized organization.
Regardless of studies, age or previous work experience, we provide to everyone a complete training package and guidance in Sales, Human Resources Management and Management. We offer certifications in all successful 3 phases of our Business Development Program.
In our organization we build the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of Human to Human Marketing. In our company the humanity come first. We lead our people with hope and encouragement to achieve their personal and professional goals. We want our team members to work together and combine their ideas, enthusiasm and passion for personal development and professional success.




Stephanie Nicolaou

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

HR Director
Aleksandra Skorpidea

“If you can dream it, you can do it”.


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